This gorgeous Italian restaurant used to be a typical villa Ibicenca, but their owners, an Italian couple who fell in love with the island, thought it was the perfect place to set a restaurant. Now it is one of the best Italian restaurants on the island. Everything is fresh and homemade and they change the menu regularly, so every time you go back you can taste new flavors!

Address:Ctra. San Juan, km 12 (San Lorenzo) 07812


email:[email protected]

Opening times:April-May: Tue-Sun, 13:00-16:00 & 19:30-00:00; May-Nov: Daily, 20:00-1:00; Nov-Dec: Tue-Sun, 13:00-16:00 & 19:30-00:00

Cuisine: Italian, Cocktails, Organic, Grill, Market-fresh

Type: Restaurant

Facilities: Classic, terrace, exceptional cuisine worth a special journey


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